8 common health misconceptions

These days, there are lots of opinions on what a healthy diet looks like. Some go banting while others opt for vegan; some choose vegetarian while others go gluten-free. Amongst all the health trends, the truth can be hard to find. Isn’t it time to rethink nutrition? Here are a few misconceptions to steer clear of.

1. Losing weight = being hungry

Aiming to drop a few kilos, but dread having grumbling stomach? The good news is that effective dieting often means simply rethinking your meals, not going into starvation mode. If you complement your body with the right nutrients, it won’t be hungry – makes sense, right?

2. Eat when you’re hungry

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Waiting until you’re hungry to eat is like waiting for your car to putter to a stop on the highway before you get more petrol. It’s a good idea to plan your meals ahead of time and eat proactively. In this way, your body is able to absorb nutrients more effectively as your metabolism gets into a good rhythm.

3. All fat is bad fat

Don’t get us wrong – eating too much of certain types of fat (like trans fats) is a one-way ticket to a triple bypass. But that doesn’t mean that you should avoid all fat. In fact, unsaturated fats (found in fatty fish, olive oil and avocados) have a positive effect on cholesterol and brain health!

4. Supplements can replace food

At  Revite, we believe in a food-fist approach. Eating wholesome food is the first step in giving your body the fuel it needs. But with today’s demanding lifestyle and poor food qualities, even the healthiest among us can suffer from a nutritional gap. This is where Revite’s products come in, helping you become healthier by bridging that gap.

5. Meals should always revolve around meat protein

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Giving your body a break from meat can have its benefits – the only way to know is to try! Skipping meat just one day of each week not only gives your body additional minerals and fibre, it’s also great for the environment. In fact, there’s a great movement called Meatless Monday that’s growing!

6. Getting healthy is hard

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It’s true that there is no shortcut to becoming healthier, but that doesn’t mean the road to wellness needs to be an uncomfortable one. Exercise can actually be loads of (word missing) fun, healthy food can be scrumptious and who wouldn’t love to stress a little less? It’s all about experimenting and finding what works for you. The key is taking the first step!

7. Looking good = being healthy

Health  is not just about how thin or athletic you look. Even if you look healthy outwardly, if your lifestyle means that you eat poorly and stress too much, then your health is only superficial. Too much stress and too little exercise can subtle dangers – not sure what this means?, so remember that it’s what inside that counts!

8. More expensive supplements are better.

When it comes to the price, does more expensive mean better? Very often not the case! Keep in mind that a lot of products are imported attracting high import duties. Also, many big brands include massive marketing budgets in the cost of their products. Packaging also contributes tremendously to the selling price of your product, keeping it simple is key.

Have a quick look at the nutritional information and compare to save some bucks.

Revite supplements strives to ensure that products are priced to give customers the best quality and value for money on the market.