Do you feel happy in your life and career? Do you even stop to occasionally ask yourself what happiness would really look like or mean to you? Happiness need not be an ever-shifting end goal, the light at the end of an endless tunnel; it can be a goal you set to achieve every single day. Below are some tips from the team at to incorporate happiness into your daily life habits.

1. Have an attitude of gratitude

Appreciating what you have is a fundamental step to personal fulfillment. Regularly take stock of where you are and what you have achieved and be grateful for all the positives in your life. Give credit where credit is due and don’t overlook any small or large blessing in your life as you feel the gratitude.

2. Make someone feel special

Try to touch someone’s life every day in a special way whether it be through a warm greeting, a smile, a word of thanks or any other gesture of kindness or goodwill. Be generous and genuine in all your points of contact and always look for the best in others.

3. Plan ahead

Identify what makes you happy and fulfilled and set happy goals. The more organized and in control you feel the less likely you are to feel worried or dragged down.

4. Enjoy the present moment

Instead of fretting excessively about what could have been or what might be, try to enjoy the present moment and give it its full due. Remember the present moment is always yours to shape and enjoy the way you please.

5. Stay healthy

Sufficient rest, regular exercise and eating well are all essential to your health and happiness and a healthier lifestyle can begin right now. Reach out for some vegetables and fruits instead of that donut or muffin and replace the elevator with the stairs and the car with brisk walking whenever you can.

6. Choose the path of least negativity

This is another way of saying choose your battles very wisely, or not at all. Aggressive pedestrian took the cab you hailed first? Rushed peers didn’t stop the elevator for you? Lunch arrived on your desk a little colder and later than you’d like?

No need to start a world war. Smile, count to ten and think of all your plans to achieve happiness for the day.

7. Aim for levity

Humor is a cure for many ills. Keep that twinkle in your eye and don’t get embroiled in discussions that are escalating needlessly out of control such as political or religious discussions in the workplace or petty arguments and finger-pointing discourses that will go nowhere fast.

8. Treat yourself

Decide what rewards makes you happy and treat yourself to one of them every single day. It could be a music session, an afternoon nap, a visit with friends or family, a particular meal or purchase you can afford, or reading material you look forward to. Whatever it is, tell yourself you deserve it and enjoy!

9. Watch your thoughts

Your thoughts control the measure of your happiness; keep them positive and constructive at all times. Don’t let the shadow of doubt and negativity creep in; instead focus your thoughts on what you are doing and what plans you have to achieve spectacular happiness that day.

10. Be solution oriented

Happy people don’t sink into fear and worry quagmires every time a problem surfaces; they concentrate on finding solutions. Treat every problem as an opportunity for creative thinking and concentrate on the positive aspects associated with creating an optimal solution.