Stress is becoming very common in the workplace of-late. It’s results tend to leave a lot desired both from employees and employers perspectives. A Bloomberg study revealed that South Africa is the second most-stressed country in the world. Another global study by Ipsos and Reuters also revealed more than half of South Africans do not take their annual leave. Could this be a contributor to stress in the office? One of the biggest culprits of high turnover, low engagement and stagnant teams is excessive stress. What makes it worse is that stress and anxiety often lie beneath the surface, impossible for leaders to detect, let alone address.

Since April is global Stress Month, here are some simple tips you can effect immediately to manage workplace stress:


5 Tips to Manage Workplace Stress

1. Watch out for signs

These may cause you to become less effective and less productive. Some signs to take note of include:
Anxiety and depression
Loss of interest in work
Hard to sleep
Daily fatigue

2. Take care of yourself

Always take extra care of your physical and emotional health. This builds internal resilience against stress.Exercise or participate in regular activities that refresh your body and improve blood circulation. Eat healthier. Less fatty food and less sugar and more fruits with a balanced meal. Drink more water, even at work. Get enough sleep, not too much and not too little.

3. Be organised

Time management can reduce stress a great deal. Invest in quality time management skills or an online platform that can assist here. In this advent of cloud technology there are apps like Todoist, Yanado and that are highly rated. They can run on your smartphone too. Focus on a more balanced schedule that does not put too much pressure on you. Enforce leaving home earlier. Give yourself more breaks during the day.

4.Work on your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

No matter how stressful your job is you can still retain a healthy amount of self-control by managing how you deal with external stimuli. Success in this particular area will include:
Communicating with your colleagues in such a way that it reduces tension and draws people to fix problems. Being able to notice that you are stressed. Giving and receiving feedback effectively. Do a self audit every day and ask yourself this question; have I been the best colleagues / manager / employee / friend that I can be to those around me? Brutal honesty will go a long way here.

5. Take a Stress Quotient™ assessment and measure your stress

With April being Stress Awareness Month, TTI Success Insights South Africa is on a mission to help organizations diagnose stress and uncover the root causes.

Our Stress Quotient assessment has helped organizations address their stress. It’s free for this month only! And We’ll show you how get a pulse on your company’s stress levels explore seven common origins of workplace stress begin to strategize a plan to address problem areas.