The only running app on the App Store designed specially for weight loss. Make your running serve your goals! We’ve worked hard to prepare a BIG update of the Running for Weight Loss app.

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Check out the list of new features and a small guide on how to use them.


Unique interval plans of running, walking and sprint intervals for maximum calorie burning.

  • Choose from 6 training programs with a total length of 48 weeks
  • 3 levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
  • 2-month training plans with 3 workouts per week.


More training plans for different goals and fitness levels to diversify your workouts.

  • Running for Weight Loss
  • Run 5K
  • Run 10K
  • Start Running
  • Walking for Weight Loss


All you need is to do your best during a workout, the app will do the rest.

  • 5 different coaches – choose your personal trainer, from sweet and encouraging to tough and military-style
  • Detailed audio instructions for every training
  • Voice encouragements and stats updates during your run
  • Adjustable amount of audio feedback


Keep record of every workout and track your overall progress.

Monitor your distance, time, pace and steps;

  • GPS map of every workout
  • Accurate calorie counting
  • Manual editing of logs for treadmill runners
  • Mark your mood, weather and take notes about your workout
  • Take pictures during your run right from the app
  • Synchronization with Apple Health, Fitbit, Runkeeper and MapMyRun


Listen to workout music to improve your results by 15% and motivation by 35%.

  • Music tempo adjusts to your workout rhythm – music plays faster as you run faster
  • 1000+ mixes from talented DJs
  • New mixes from are available every day
  • All genres – from Classical and Oldies to Rock, Hip-hop and R&B
  • Your own music timed to your rhythm


Lots of other cool features to make your running workouts more effective and boost your performance.

  • Dozens of useful tips on training, clothes, nutrition and more;
  • Share your running pics, stats and routes with friends on Facebook and Twitter;
  • Auto-pause of training.


Achieve results faster, easier and turn your workouts into real fun with Premium subscription.

  • Choose between 5 different coaches – from nice and friendly to tough and military-style
  • Unlock all weight loss plans – 48 weeks of continuous interval training
  • Listen to cool music mixes created specially for running – all genres to match any taste
  • Adjust your music from iTunes/Apple Music to your running tempo
  • Remove all ads from the app

What’s new is version 5.0?


This is a long-awaited feature – the app now doesn’t stop to track your training after the planned workout is done. If the training is finished and you are far away from home – don’t worry, you can continue running. Your whole distance will be tracked until you finish workout manually. It is turned ON by default in Settings.


Want to stop to make a picture? Or to make a few push-ups? Enable Auto-pause of your workout and counting will pause automatically when you stop running. By default, it is turned off, but you can turn ON Auto-Pause in Settings.


You can now choose how many voice commands and cheering messages you’d like to hear. For example, if you need additional motivation to make it till the end of the workout, choose Intensive to hear all possible cheer-ups. Choose how often you’d like to hear updates on your run and what info you’d like to hear during a workout. You can adjust these settings in Menu – Settings – Audio Settings.


The app tracks your location more accurately. Our engineers did some magic and – voila! – your distance is tracked much more accurately now. Don’t forget that GPS only works outdoor and depends on the weather – you may need to wait for a few minutes to receive a stable signal. Even more killer features are available for our Premium users. It has never been simpler ad more fun to exercise and stay motivated:


You can listen to all of them and choose who motivates you most – good old Lisa, sweet and caring Holly, nice and lovely Erik, angry and military-style Bob, or, maybe you prefer to run with Ronny who is craving a doughnut all the time. (Please note that our new coaches only speak English so far).


Running for Weight Loss program for three levels of difficulty is good, isn’t is? What about some extra plans? Good news – all new plans are Stage 2, meaning that you can train without interruptions and repetitions for 48 weeks! Just imagine how much fat you can burn for a year!

Subscribe to Premium to use the app to the most and boost your weight loss progress. If you have any questions about the app – feel free to send us a letter to, we’ll be happy to help!

Running for Weight Loss training plan is now available for smartphones running Android OS. The app has been released for iOS devices back in 2013 and has seen about a million downloads. The mobile application that consists of running, walking and sprint intervals is already available for download on Google Play and will soon be launched on Amazon App Store.

Running for Weight Loss serves as a personal trainer and provides full audio-guidance of each training. Detailed statistics, GPS maps of every run and useful tips help users stay motivated and achieve ambitious running and weight loss goals.

“The app proved to be very successful for more than a million of iOS users. They lost up to 30 kg and started enjoy running. When developing Running for Weight Loss we did our best to make this app as simple and effective as possible. And now Android users can join this Running for Weight Loss journey too,” says Igor Yudin, Red Rock Apps CEO.

Running for Weight Loss is available for Android smartphones in 10 languages. The app can be used both outdoors and for running on a treadmill. There are 3 levels of difficulty, so the app suits any person – from beginner runners to running pros who can cope with 10K.

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