Every day the sun rises and sets, light always follows darkness and rainbows only come after cloud splitting lightening. All of these are the universe’s unique way of giving us another chance, another opportunity to be happy, to make a difference, and to live life to the fullest. It’s really up to us to choose those things that make each day count. Unless we have the same DNA as dinosaurs, or our cousins the crocs, we all have a limited time on earth. So how can we use it in a positive way to add a little sunshine to this world?

The world as we used to know it no longer exists. Look all around you. People have forgotten how to live. We live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world, but our emotional and spiritual heartbeat has flat-lined. We are the walking dead. We have become robots. We are more like vegetarian vampires than our ancestors were. We are a pale shadow of humanity. Our existence is characterized by misery, disease and unhappiness. Anti-depressants have become our vitamin of choice. Forgive me for my gloominess, but that’s the naked truth. However, all is not lost. There is a way out, but we have to want it and be ready to work at it.

Here are a few suggestions of how we can make each day count:

1. Trade your expectations for appreciation and your world changes. Giving gratitude is a sure way of helping you live in the moment. We tend to lose track of all the small blessings around us and focus more on “what we think we need”. Gratitude ensures a positive state of mind. Remember: you attract and live what you think of most.

2. Live a purposeful life. If the truth be told, if there’s nothing you are ready to die for then you are already the living dead. When we do things or live lives that are not spiritually aligned with our core values of integrity, love, truth and honesty, we declare war on ourselves and those around us.

3. If you can’t afford it then you don’t need it! We live in a very materialistic society. Most of us try to ‘fit in’ by focusing on external accomplishments or buying into a societal misguided value system of expensive cars, heavily mortgaged homes, jewelry and opulence. All this leads us to a stressful existence. Stay out of debt and replace it with the right debt. Let your debt be in your asset column and not the bank’s assets column. As much as I am a capitalist, I believe wealth can only be achieved through hard work and collaboration with those around you. If you are striving for a wealthy lifestyle in a short period of time without paying your “school fees”, then please give stress a huge hug for me.

4. We have consistently violated and abused our ever-forgiving Mother Nature yet she is on our side. When was the last time you walked barefoot on green grass? Walking barefoot has been proven to center you. Look at the number of sick kids in our midst? When was the last time your kids played in the mud and frolicked in the grass without you chasing them around with clean wipes? Maybe there’s a relationship there. Mother Nature has a cure to all our physical, spiritual and mental ailments. I used to play in the mud and flirted with Mother Nature all my growing years. It’s strange for so many kids to be suffering from conditions like asthma and the like. Pediatric wards in hospitals are growing bigger and bigger. It’s not normal for kids to be this sick. The earth is, and should be, a very strong immune-system booster.

5. Most people are living dead. People are living their lives unconsciously. They don’t mind what they feed their bodies and never ever take the time to exercise. No wonder we are in such a state. Make today count by being alive. That means eating nutritious food and working your body in order to increase blood flow and get stronger. Be a peace ambassador, but start that by going home and loving your family.